11 Summer Fun Crochet Patterns

Jun, 07, 2020

Oh I am so ready for some summer fun!

Aren’t you?

That’s why I am so pleased to bring you this fabulous roundup full of easy summer crochet patterns that are not only fun, but free!

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There are so many good ones in here it will be hard to choose where to start.

I can’t wait to try them all out!

Free Crochet Projects for Summer

I am creating a list folks.

A list of summer crochet patterns – all of which I’d like to try by the end of the summer.

The operative word here folks, is try. 🤣

If you are working up your summer fun crochet list too – boy do I have a bunch for you!

Let’s start with these fabulous 11!

1.  Crayon Pencil Case

Image via Sunflower Cottage Crochet

2.  The Retro Hacky Sack

3. Dad’s Soap on a Rope

image via Through the Loop Yarn Craft

4.  Summer Twisted Cowl

Image via ME!

5. Strawberry Crochet Applique

Image via Raffamusa Designs

6.  Recycled Jeans Clutch

Image via Hanjan Crochet

7.  The Arewa Pouch

image via Fosbas Designs

8.  Sweet Darlene Tee

Image via No Hooks Given

9.  Tunisian Honeycomb Purse

10. Crochet Textured Bandana

image via NeedleKlankers

11. Sweet Stripes Sunglasses Case

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20191125_144409-min-498x1024.jpg
Image via Green Fox Farms Designs

12. Icy Boho Cozy

Image via Crochetastic Boutique

Which one is your did you decided to start with?

I think it should be my twisted cowl, but if it’s another – no worries, I forgive you! 😉

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Until next time… Happy Crocheting!


I'm a full time homemaker who loves to crochet, knit, quilt, and sew. I have the best fiancé in the world, four beautiful step-daughters-to-be, an amazing new little baby boy, and six wonderful dogs, who love to keep me on my toes. Life is sweet!


  1. Reply

    peggy Spain

    June 8, 2020

    Thank you for all of your hard work.
    The links for the textured bandana goes to the princess dress from another event.
    The sweet Darlene tee says coupon unavailable.

    • Reply


      June 8, 2020

      Hi Peggy,

      First of all, thank you for your kind words of appreciation! Second, those two links in question have been fixed. Please try them again if and if you continue to have issues please let me know!

      Sincere thanks!


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