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Quick Crochet Projects You Can Do In a Weekend or Less!

Got nothin’ to do this weekend?

Break out your hook(s) or needles because do I have some major boredom busters for you!

I’ve rounded up 29 quick crochet projects that you can do this weekend – most of them will take less than the weekend to work.

Not only are these projects quick and fun, but also a great way to use up your yarn stash!

29 Weekend Stash-buster Crochet & Knitting Patterns

I’m a homebody.

Give me my spot on the couch, Disney +, a cup of hot coffee, and a crochet hook and I’ll be happy.

Oh, and yarn, of course I’ve gotta have yarn.

Fortunately, I’ve got a fairly size-able yarn stash in my craft room… and in the office… and maybe a little bit in the basket by my bed…

And it’s a good thing too!

Because I’ve rounded up a bunch of amazing crochet and knitting patterns that can be made using one skein of yarn or less!

The perfect stash busters!

Great for those of you like me who have no problems with staying in for the weekend and even great for those who hate staying in, but have little choice.

1.  Nordic Textured Crochet Coasters

2.  Tunisian Crochet Tresca Potholder

Image via Raffamusa Design

3.  Triangular Headband

Image via Bear Rye

4.  Soap Socks

5.  Diamond Reflection Cowl

6.  Bobble Earwarmer

7. Marley Beanie

8. Cali the Cactus

Image via The Loophole Fox

9.  Cross Bookmark

Image via Edyth Blayn

10.  Coco Earrings

11.  Forest Trail Headband

Image via Ned and Mimi

12. Two (or more) Colour Cowl

Image via King & Eye

13. Monkey Around Boot Cuffs

Image via Through the Loop

14. Tulip Twist Headband

15. Boho Plant Hanger

16. Mason Jar Cozies

Image via Carroway Crochet

Looking for fun crochet community filled with lots of crafty inspiration?

17. Crochet Ragdoll Jellyfish

Image via Yarnhild

18. Arewa Bracelet

Image via Fosbas Crochet

19. Two-toned Srunchies

20. Sweet Daisies Potholder

Image via Needle Klankers

21. Farmhouse Washcloth

22. Suze-Ann Raceback Top

Image via Desamour Designs

23. Easter Eggs

24. Baby Bunny Hat

Image via Hanjan Crochet

25. Embossed Heart Pouch

Image via Sweet Thing Crochet

26. Mini Unicorn Amigurumi

27. Stashbusting Washcloths

28. Freeze Pop Sleeve

Image via Sigoni Macaroni

29. Llama Wall Hanging

There are so many amazing projects in this roundup it’s hard to decided where to begin, isn’t it?

Here’s what I suggest – check your yarn stash and see what yarns you have available and pick the project that best suits the yarn you have.

That way you don’t need to make a run to the yarn store.

You can just stay home where it is safe and cozy – just like a true homebody would!

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Until next time… Happy Crocheting!

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