20 Beautiful Crochet Projects for Mom

Apr, 29, 2020

Our mom’s deserve the best, don’t they?

That’s why I am so pleased to bring you this beautiful roundup full of free crochet projects that your mother will absolutely love!

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They are simply perfect for Mother’s Day!

Which is actually just around the bend folks!

So now is the time to whip up one or more of these lovely projects and share them with that lovely lady you call mom. 🌸

Free Mother’s Day Crochet Patterns

Yellow roses remind me of my mother.

They are absolutely her favorite flower and every year my dad would send her a dozen, usually for her birthday.

Now whenever I see them, I think of her.

It is one of my goals to one day design a yellow crochet rose, just for her.

Unfortunately, this year simply got out of hand and find myself with Mother’s Day around the corner.

I’ve run out of time!

Fortunately, I do have these lovely beginner slippers with a simple yellow flower to take its place this year.

You’ll find it below with 19 other sweet crochet patterns that would make a wonderful gift on Mother’s Day or any time of the year!

1.  Summer Shawlette

Image via Ned and Mimi

2.  Luxe Spa Scrubby Set

3. Zigzag Shawl

Image via No Hooks Given

4.  Mom Cup Cozy

Image via Simply Hooked by Janet

5. The Iris Clutch Bag

Image via Carroway Crochet

6.  Easy Beginner Slippers

Image via Guess Who?

7.  Evie’s Shawl

image via Edyth Blayn

8.  Spike Stitch Baskets

9.  Love More Wrap

10. Farmhouse Spa Set

11. Easy Crochet Boho Purse

Image via King and Eye

12. Slanting Shells Wrap

13. Fleur Afghan

Image via Owl B, Hooked

14. Mirabella Hat

15. Infinite Spring Scarf

16. Lemonade Scarf

17. Basic Fingerless Gloves

18. Ultimate Spa Set

19. Blossom Washcloth

Image via Fosbas Designs

20. Serenity Yoga or Beach Bag

Image via Sweet Potato 3

Which one do you think your mom will love the most?

My mom would love them all to be sure, but I think she’d pick mine. 😉 lol. 😆

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Until next time… Happy Crocheting!

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