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Festive Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder

Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder Pattern

Craft a festive potholder with the free Festive Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet pattern—charm your kitchen with holly and warmth!

Pattern Inspiration: Infuse Your Home with Christmas Joy

I absolutely love Christmas time!

But, to me, Christmas is not just a holiday; it’s a feeling of warmth, love, and togetherness.

And there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the season than by creating handmade, holiday-themed treasures for your home and loved ones!

Allow me to introduce you to a delightful project that captures the essence of Christmas: the Festive Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder.

Yarn Details: Versatility Meets Creativity

Due to its heat resistance, nearly every crochet designer will recommend using 100% cotton yarn when working up crochet potholders.

However, at the time I whipped up this design, my focus shifted towards achieving a more decorative and festive look.

So, instead, I opted for 100% acrylic Red Heart yarn in holiday colors from my stash. This allowed me to truly capture the holiday spirit!

While this makes my potholders better suited for display, your choice of yarn can determine whether yours will lean towards decorative charm or practical use.

The choice is entirely yours!

Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder Pattern

Here are some yarn details to consider:

Red Heart Super Saver: Bursting with Color and Cost-Effectiveness

If you’re looking to infuse vibrant and festive colors into your potholder, Red Heart Super Saver is an excellent choice.

It’s a yarn brand that offers a ton of options in terms of hues, which can help you capture the true essence of the holiday season.

It’s also well known among crafters for its affordability and its ability to cater to various color preferences.

Plus, if you’ve got a stash of this yarn lying around (like I do!), it’s the perfect opportunity to put it to good use in a project that embodies the holiday spirit.

Cotton Yarn: Prioritizing Heat Resistance

On the other hand, if you want to insure that your potholder is heat resistant, then cotton yarn is the way to go!

Cotton is known for its durability and natural heat-resistant properties, making it ideal for a practical kitchen accessory.

It can handle high temperatures and provide the protection you need when handling hot pots and pans.

While cotton yarn may not offer the same extensive range of festive colors as acrylic yarn, it more than makes up for it with its functionality and reliability.

Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder Pattern

**THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PATTERN.  Please see my Copyright Statement for details.

Holly Berry Christmas Crochet Potholder Pattern

This tapestry crochet holly potholder makes the perfect handmade gift or use it to spruce up your holiday home decor. Beautiful, useful, and super easy to make! Crafted with acrylic yarn for decorative charm, or choose heat-resistant cotton for practicality. Plus, it’s a free pattern, making it even more delightful for the holiday season. Add a festive touch to your kitchen with the Festive Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder.


This pattern is constructed flat in rows as one piece. The edging is added as the final touch.

Difficulty level

Difficulty level : Advanced Beginner

Difficulty Level 2


15 stitches and 14 rows = 4 x 4-inches using G – 4.00mm hook in single crochet (sc).

Recommended yarn for a decorative festive potholder

Red Heart Super Saver, 7oz/1989, 364 yds/333m, 100% acrylic, medium 4 worsted weight.

Color A = Red Heart Super Saver in White
Color B = Red Heart Super Saver in Paddy Green
Color C = Red Heart with Love in Holly Berry

Yardage requirements

*provided requirements are estimates only

Total yardage:

  • Color A = approximately 25 yds
  • Color B = approximately 1 yds
  • Color C = approximately 1 yds

Approximately 36 yds for all three colors

Yarn alternatives

Medium 4 worsted weight yarn

Other Materials

  • Crochet Hook size G/4.00 mm or whatever hook is necessary to obtain the correct gauge.
  • Measuring tape
  • Stitch markers
  • Blocking materials (optional): straight pins, foam mat, spray bottle filled with water
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


Pattern is written in US terms.

Special Stitches

Chainless foundation single crochet (optional) – Tie a loose slip knot on your
hook and chain 2, insert your hook into the 2nd ch from your hook (making sure
to go underneath the top and back loop), yarn over, pull up a loop (2 loops on
hook), yarn over and pull through one loop (first “chain” created), yarn over, pull
through remaining two loops to finish off your single crochet (first foundation
single crochet created), insert your hook into the “chain” you just created, yarn over, pull up loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over pull through one loop, yarn over pull through two loops. Repeat from * to *.

Crab stitch (Reverse Single Crochet) – worked exactly like the single crochet, but
in reverse. Instead of working from right to left, you work from left to right. It
creates a somewhat twisted, rounded edge that’s good for making a simple
finished edge for your work.

Finished Dimensions/Sizing

Approximately 8.25 (L) x 8.25 (W)

Additional Notes

Read all pattern notes, instructions, and other provided details carefully before starting the project to make sure you understand everything. It could save you hours & a lot of headaches!

  • For gauge/tension, make a swatch of each square that measures at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch provided under the Gauge Section. If your swatch matches the gauge, then you are all set to start the project. If the gauge is wrong, you might need to change your crochet hook – increase your hook size if your stitches are smaller & decrease your hook size if your stitches are larger.
  • All given measurements are unblocked and measured pre-use and as fabric pieces may stretch during/after blocking, and usage.
  • Provided measurements are as exact as possible, but are given as approximates. This is because yarn variances, crochet tension & individual technique might give variations in the result, which changes from person to person.
  • Stitch counts are given in [ ] at the end of each row. If no stitch count is given, then the count is the same as the previous row.
  • I used 100% acrylic, medium 4 worsted weight yarn for this pattern. This makes the potholder work well as a decorative piece, however, you can use cotton or wool to make it less decorative and more useful as a potholder.
  • This is a tapestry crochet project. For details on how to work tapestry crochet, including how to change colors, please review: How to Tapestry Crochet for Beginners.
  • Tapestry crochet typically has a right-side (RS) and a wrong-side (WS). The RS is worked from left to right and then you turn your work where you will then be working on the WS from left to right. The → and ← at the start of each row in the instructions indicate what direction you are working in relation to each row on the chart. These arrows indicate the directions for a RIGHT-HANDED crocheter. If you are a LEFT-HANDED crocheter, the arrows are actually the OPPOSITE direction from what you see in the pattern, thus if you see → it is actually ← for you and if you see ← it is actually → for you.
  • The main portion of the potholder (not the edging) is worked using only the single crochet (sc). Thus, if the row reads A2, C4, B1 – this means to sc with color A in the next 2 sts, sc with color C in the next 4 sts, and then sc in the next st with color B.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash & lay flat to dry or follow instructions on the yarn label.

Pattern Instructions

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Chainless foundation single crochet 30 sts or Chain 31 & start the first sc of row
1 in the second ch from the hook (30).
← Row 1 [RS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 2 [WS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 3 [RS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 4 [WS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 5 [RS]: A4, B3, A23, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 6 [WS]: A20, B6, A4, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 7 [RS]: A4, B8, A18, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 8 [WS]: A17, B9, A4, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 9 [RS]: A4, B10, A16, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 10 [WS]: A16, B10, A4, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 11 [RS]: A5, B9, A16, ch 1, turn work.(30)
→ Row 12 [WS]: A14, B11, A5, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 13 [RS]: A6, B5, C3, B4, A12, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 14 [WS]: A12, C3, B, C3, B4, A7, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 15 [RS]: A11, C3, B, C3, A12, ch 1, turn work. (30)

→ Row 16 [WS]: A9, B3, C3, B3, A12, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 17 [RS]: A8, B5, C2, B7, A8, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 18 [WS]: A8, B7, C2, B6, A7, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 19 [RS]: A7, B6, C2, B8, A7, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 20 [WS]: A7, B8, A1, B7, A7, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 21 [RS]: A6, B8, A1, B9, A6, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 22 [WS]: A6, B9, A2, B7, A6, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 23 [RS]: A5, B8, A3, B8, A6, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 24 [WS]: A7, B7, A3, B8, A5, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 25 [RS]: A5, B8, A6, B4, A7, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 26 [WS]: A7, B3, A10, B5, A5, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 27 [RS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 28 [WS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
← Row 29 [RS]: A30, ch 1, turn work. (30)
→ Row 30 [WS]: A30. (30)

Bind off & weave in ends.


Starting in the top left-hand corner (or whatever corner you want the hook to be
in) attach color C with a slp-st, ch 1, crab stitch all the way around the the
potholder, slp-st st to close, do NOT bind off, ch 10, slp-st to the side edge of the
potholder to close (creates the hook).

Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder - Slp st to close edging
Holly Berry Tapestry Crochet Potholder - hook, slp-st to close

NOTE: There is no specific number of crab stitches that need to be worked
along the raw edges of the potholder. Simply place them wherever necessary to
create nice even stitches along the raw edges.

Bind off & Weave in ends

Blocking (Optional):

Block project using straight pins, foam mat, and spray bottle of water or your
preferred method.

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Thursday 18th of January 2024

Any chance I can still receive the free printable download? I am hoping to get an early start on Christmas gifts for 2024 and only came across your beautiful pattern this morning.


Monday 12th of February 2024

Hi Kathy,

So sorry for the delay. I've have a family emergency that's been taking up a bit of my time. Are you a member of my crochet community? If so, I'd be happy to pass the PDF onto you. You can join here if you like:




Wednesday 29th of November 2023

Very festive and pretty.


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

Hi Diane,

Thank you so much! :)



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