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My Galactic Crochet Journey: Lucy Collin’s Star Wars Even More Crochet Kit Review

Star Wars Crochet Jawa BB8 amigumuri

Join me on a fantastic journey into the Star Wars universe through crochet!

Explore Lucy Collin’s Crochet Star Wars Kit with me as I jump into amigurumi crafting for the first time, creating iconic characters like Jawa and BB-8.

This post is a product review, sharing insights into the kit’s contents, patterns, and the magic of combining crochet with the beloved galaxy far, far away in this unique and creative adventure.

Star Wars Crochet

Starting on a crochet journey into the vast Star Wars universe with Lucy Collin’s Star Wars Even More Crochet Kit was a significant leap for me.

Despite my extensive experience in crocheting for over 15 years and designing crochet patterns for about 5 years, the realm of amigurumi had always seemed like uncharted territory.

It’s not that the idea of learning amigumuri wasn’t appealing.

It most definitely was!

It’s just that the intricacies of crafting miniature crochet creatures, especially ones as iconic as those from Star Wars, felt like a formidable challenge to me.

However, when I stumbled upon Lucy Collin’s enticing kit, something sparked within me.

Suddenly, the prospect of creating amigurumi versions of characters like Jawa and BB-8 felt not only attainable but also incredibly exciting!

It was as if the stars had aligned to guide me into the world of three-dimensional crochet.

As a seasoned crocheter, as well as a big Star Wars fan, it was an exciting yet humbling experience, considering these were to be my very first amigurumi creations.

The Kit Contents:

Star Wars Crochet Kit_Lucy Collins

Upon opening Lucy Collin’s kit, I was greeted with a comprehensive array of materials.

There was a spectrum of high-quality yarn in authentic Star Wars colors, a crochet hook perfectly suited for the task, fluffy stuffing to bring my creations to life, and a detailed instruction booklet.

The packaging itself radiated a sense of adventure, making it a perfect start for any crocheter who also loves Star Wars.

Instructions and Patterns:

I’ll be honest, as a crochet designer, I found myself being a bit “nit-picky”.

I actually rewrote part of the BB-8 instructions to make it more suitable to my personal preference and design style.

However, that’s not to say that the patterns were at all poorly written.

In fact, one of the kit’s standout features is the clear and well-organized instruction booklet.

And its step-by-step guidance truly simplified the otherwise intricate process of crafting amigurumi versions of beloved Star Wars characters.

I simply have a habit of rewriting patterns to suit my own design preferences.

However, I acknowledge that this isn’t always necessary, and it doesn’t reflect poorly on the pattern author’s design skills.

Overall, the patterns in the kit are tailored to be beginner-friendly and yet offer enough complexity for intermediate crocheters.

Yarn Quality:

The yarn included in the kit surpassed my expectations.

Not only was it vibrant and true to the Star Wars theme, but it was also remarkably soft.

Since I had anticipated working with rough, scratchy yarn, this made the entire crochet process even more delightful

Additionally, the yarn color choices perfectly captured the essence of each character.

Thus ensuring that the final products were not only visually appealing but also instantly recognizable.

Fiberfill Advantage:

One of the best features of the kit was the dense fiberfill provided.

This premium stuffing not only made the stuffing process easy, but also endowed the amigurumi creatures with a firmness that enhanced their structure and durability.

I was so thrilled that the Jawa and BB – 8 actually stood on their own without toppling over!

For me, it was this great attention to detail in selecting the materials that significantly contributed to the overall satisfaction of my first amigumuri experience.

Star Wars Crochet Kit_Lucy Collins

Skill Development:

Beyond the joy of bringing these adorable Star Wars characters to life, I feel that Lucy Collin’s kit served as an invaluable tool for my crochet skill development.

The patterns skillfully introduced amigumuri techniques, making it a great learning experience.

Thus, in my opinion, this is a great kit for both novices and seasoned crocheters seeking to expand their crochet knowledge, especially if they are new to amigumuri.

Final Results:

Once I completed my Jawa and BB-8 creations, I couldn’t help but marvel at the final results.

The attention to detail in the patterns was fantastic, capturing the essence and personality of these beloved characters perfectly.

These mini amigurumi figures are charming additions to any Star Wars lover’s collection.

Which, of course, means they also make a fantastic gift idea for any fan.

Crochet BB8 Amigumuri_front

BB-8 (front)

Crochet BB8 Amigumuri_back

BB-8 (back)

Crochet Jawa Amigumuri_front

Jawa (front)

Crochet Jawa Amigumuri_back

Jawa (back)


Lucy Collin’s Crochet Star Wars Kit offered a lighthearted and easy journey into the world of amigurumi.

Priced at a budget-friendly $14.99, it was both a fun and inexpensive crochet project – my favorite type!

In my opinion, the affordability of this crochet kit makes it an excellent find for crocheters looking for straightforward and budget-friendly crafting enjoyment.

The fact that it blends the joy of crochet with the magic of Star Wars only adds to its appeal.

From the exceptional quality of materials to the carefully designed patterns, not to mention the superior fiberfill choice – this kit has undoubtedly earned its place as a cherished addition to any crafting arsenal.

I am certain you will feel the same. 🙂

May the crochet force be with you on your own galactic crochet adventures!

Star wars crochet

Are you ready to set out on your own intergalactic crochet adventure?

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