32 Crochet Patterns That’ll Make Your Holiday Merry!

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Jingle bells… jingle bells… jingle all the way!

I can already hear the Christmas carols, smell the cinnamon in the air, and imagine this year’s tree all adorned and decorated with twinkling lights and and glittering bulbs.

Crochet Patterns that'll make your Christmas merry!
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It’s such a joyous time of year!

I especially love all the fabulous holiday crochet projects that liven’ up the home decor, spruce up the tree, and of course add some festive style to my winter wardrobe!

Let’s Countdown to Christmas!

It may be October, but folks, Christmas will be here before you know it.

It’s the time of year when families gather, children open presents with glee, and just about everything seems to sparkle!

The world seems full of color and happiness seems infectious.

I think of vivid strands of ribbon, the delicious scent of pine, and softness of a fresh winter snow.

And you know what else I think about?

All the holiday crochet projects!

I mean it!

Blankets, potholders, cowls, shawls, cup cozies and more – each designed with a different holiday delight!

Crochet projects such as these are the perfect way to prep for the Christmas season.

This post was originally a blog hop called the Countdown to Christmas hosted by my good friend Sarah from Ned & Mimi and myself.

It was fabulous blog hop where our fellow designers shared the very best of their holiday crochet patterns – each one a wonderful Christmas gift and/or sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Check out all the amazing designers who participated – I am sure you’ll find a few of your faves on the list!

Countdown to Christmas

Now, the blog hop may be over, which means that you can no longer the the PDFs for free, but they are still available for purchase in the Countdown to Christmas pattern bundle.

Also, some of the designer’s may have a free version on their websites. Just click on the pattern images below to check.

Don’t want to miss out on the next one?

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and stay in the loop!

Don’t feel like checking each image to see if a free version is available?

Check out the bundle of all 33 patterns featured in this amazing Countdown to Christmas blog hop, plus 7 additional bonus patterns that were NOT available in the hop.

Click on the image below to find out more!

Countdown to Christmas

And you know what?

This bundle is offered at over 90% off compared to purchasing each pattern individually.

Not only is it a super great deal, but it also makes a great Christmas present!

1. Pemba Mittens

Crochet Pemba Mittens
Image via Banana Moon Studio

2. Easy Breezy Ruffle Top

Crochet Ruffle Top
Image via Jenny and Teddy

3. Crochet Santa Claus Plushie

Crochet Santa CLaus Plushie
image via The Blue Elephants

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4. Mini Bears in Stockings

Crochet mini bears
Image via Loops & Love Crochet

5. Mystical Mitts

Crochet Mystical Mitts
Image via Hanjan Crochet

6. Fall Cowgirl

Crochet cowgirls
Image via Jessie at Home

7. Tassel Stars

Crochet Tassel Stars
image via Annie Design Crochet

Did you miss the blog hop? Don’t worry!

You can still grab all the patterns in the blog hop, plus 7 bonus patterns!

Check it out!

Countdown to Christmas Pattern Bundle

8. Mini Stocking Ornaments

Crochet mini Stocking Ornaments
Image via Jo’s Crafty Hook

9. The Moxy Beanie

crochet Moxy beanie
Image via Crochetastic Boutique

10. Crystalline Infinity Scarf

Crochet Crystalline Infinity Scarfs
image via Through the Loop Yarn Craft

11. Short and Chunky Fingerless Gloves

Crochet short and chunky fingerless gloves
image via Carroway Crochet

12. Smells Like Fall Shawl

crochet fall shaawl
image via The Needle Klankers

13. Spumiglie Hooded Cowl

crochet hooded cowl
image via Rebekah Haas Crochet

14. Star Stitch Trio

crochet star stitch trio
image via On Hooks and Needles

Don’t forget that you can get all 33 patterns that were in the blog hop, plus 7 more patterns that were NOT in the hop for over 90% off!

15. Tunisian Christmas Tree Pillow

Tunisians Christmas tree pillow
image via Ned & Mimi

16. Keep It Simple Earwarmer

crochet earwarmer
image via Simply Hooked by Janet

17. Christmas Bobble Pillow

crochet Christmas bobble pillow
image via The Loophole Fox

18. Sleigh Ride Beanie

crochet ride beanie
image via Counting Crafty Sheep

19. Two-way Fingerless Gloves

crochet two-way fingerless gloves
image via Fosbas Designs

20. Honey Bear Hat Set

crochet honey bear head set
image via MJ’s Off the Hook Designs

21. Velvet Yarn Hat

crochet velvet yarn hat
image via Crafting Each Day

Missed the blog hop?

We’ve got you covered!

Grab all 32 of the blog hop patterns in the Countdown to Christmas Bundle!

Remember it includes 7 bonus patterns that were NOT in the hop.

Check them out!

Bonus Pattern Collage

22. Clover Leaf Granny Square Pillow

crochet clover leaf  granny square pillow
image via Joy of Motion Crochet

23. Fireside Cottage Stocking

fireside cottage stocking
image via Sunflower Cottage Crochet

24. Star Stitch Beanie

crochet star stitch beanie
Image via Raffamusa Designs

25. Napoly Hat

crochet napoly hat
Image via Blue Star Crochet

26. Mince Pie Bauble

crochet mince pie bauble
Image via Crochet Cloudberry

27. Spider Stitch Double Brimmed Hat

crochet spider stitch double brimmed hat
Image via Salty Pearl Crochet

28. Tunisian Lattice Cowl

crochet Tunisian lattice cowl
image via Noor’s Knits

Don’t forget that you can get all 33 patterns that were in the blog hop, plus 7 additional patterns that were NOT in the hop for over 90% off!

29. Crochet Vintage Candles

crochet vintage candles
Image via Ahselanne

30. Winter Break Beanie

crochet winter break beanie
Image via Strings and Cuddles

31. Tapestry Crochet Christmas Tree Potholder

tapestry crochet Christmas tree potholder
image via Me, Myself, and I.

32. Cheeky Elf Scarf

crochet cheeky elf scarf
image via The Twisting Twine

33. Snow Day Bulky Hat

crochet snow day bulky hat
image via Three Fates Creations

I just think all these patterns are absolutely stunning!

I simply cannot wait to get started on all my Christmas crochet projects after seeing all these amazing designs and I bet you can’t either!

So, remember, if you missed this blog hop you can still get all 33 patterns, plus 7 additional bonus patterns in the Countdown to Christmas Bundle.

Simply click on the images below to check them out!

Countdown to Christmas Pattern Bundle

Don’t miss out!

Looking for more great patterns?

Check Out These Other Patterns I Love!

crochet patterns

Simply Chic Plaid Cowl /  2. Simple & Sweet Bowtie Head Warmer / 3. Simply Chic Plaid Ear Warmer

Pattern Collections

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Until next time… Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Reply


    November 3, 2020

    Thank you for this blog hop and all the wonderful patterns! Just wanted to drop a note and let you and the other designers know that all the effort and time you put into this is much appreciated!!

    • Reply


      November 4, 2020

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you so much for your kind message. I know that all of us designers involved sincerely appreciate it. 🙂

      Best wishes,


  2. Reply


    November 2, 2020

    Thank you all for the beautiful designs. And the fact that you all shared them with us, especially when money is tight all the way around. Beautiful Christmas and selfie projects are started early this year. Thank you again! ❤😊😘😊❤

    • Reply


      November 2, 2020


      Thank you so much for such kind words. I will pass them on to all the designers and I know that all of us appreciate it. There are struggles all over the world at this time. As crochet designers, our patterns, shops, websites, etc. are our livelihood and we are doing our best to find the balance between the need to earn an income and the desire to serve our crochet communities. Although not everyone enjoys the blog hops, I do feel that we are succeeding in our mission.

      I am so glad you’ve found value in our efforts and wish you all the best. 🙂



  3. Reply

    Shahieda Salie

    November 2, 2020

    i missed most the patterns at a time when my hubby refuse to give me anymore money for crochet. i could get the elf, christmas tree potholder and snowy bulky hat. thank you

    • Reply


      November 2, 2020

      Hi Shahieda,

      You got 3 great patterns! Maybe you will win the giveaway, it’s being drawn tonight. Good luck! 🙂



  4. Reply

    Claudia Murray

    November 1, 2020

    Took me a while to get today’s cute Cheeky Elf. Most every coupon code has been with no spaces in between the code words, where as CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN has a space! Once I went back and copied the code then pasted it, it worked. I was looking forward to this one in particular to make for my cute, elfish great nephew Jake, since he looks like the elf. Anyway, all’s well that ends well (even if you hate for free patterns to end!!) Thank you SO MUCH for all the great patterns!!!

    • Reply


      November 2, 2020

      Hi Claudia,

      You know, I didn’t even realize that! Each designer creates her own code and I didn’t think about that space in her code! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will make sure the designers don’t put spaces in their codes from here on out. I do apologize for the inconvenience! I am so glad you were able to figure it out!

      Sincere thanks,


  5. Reply


    November 1, 2020

    Hi RaeLynn,
    I got the codecoupon code to work.
    Thank you again for ask the hard work.

    • Reply


      November 1, 2020

      Hi Phyllis,

      No problem and thank you as well. 🙂



  6. Reply


    November 1, 2020

    Thank you for all the great patterns

    • Reply


      November 1, 2020

      Hi Lois,

      You are so very welcome! 🙂



  7. Reply


    November 1, 2020

    I love all the hard work you guys do for these patterns. Thank you!
    Today’s coupon code isn’t working.

    • Reply


      November 1, 2020

      Hi Phyllis,

      Thank you so much! That truly means alot to me and all the designers involved. :). I read you second message that you got the coupon code to work – just let me know if you need any more help! Also, be sure to grab today’s bonus pattern (it’s at the very bottom).

      Best wishes,


  8. Reply


    October 31, 2020


    The link above for the Simply Chic Plaid Cowl is broken = (

    • Reply


      October 31, 2020


      Oh my gosh, thank you so much for telling me! I completely forgot that I have attached it here! I am in the process of updating that post because it is going to be a FREE PDF promo on Nov 15, 2020. So, make sure you come back, it will be live again soon!



  9. Reply


    October 29, 2020

    Thanks for the patterns, and your effort!

    • Reply


      October 30, 2020

      Hi Ro,

      Thanks so very much, I appreciate it! 🙂

      Best wishes,


  10. Reply


    October 28, 2020

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the blog hop! It’s something that I look forward to every day. I know these patterns are WORK to put together, and cannot express my gratitude to all the designers for their generosity. Honest moment…how ANYone can find something to complain about here is a little baffling. I mean really. Guess there’s one (or two) in every crowd, or maybe 2020 has zapped them and their manners, but shwhew. Please know they are DEFINITELY the minority…

    • Reply


      October 28, 2020


      I cannot tell you how grateful I am to receive your comment. I know that I and all the designers involved sincerely appreciate it. You are right it is a lot of work, but we are happy to do it, especially in these hard times. I know that lot of people have lost their jobs because of the world situation, are on a limited budget, or are simply stuck at home and need something to keep them busy or their minds off their worries.

      It is for them and people like you who appreciate our efforts that we do these events. THANK YOU!

      I do hope you’ve grabbed lots of great patterns in the blog hop and if you ever have a problem getting any of the patterns, please contact me right away and I will make sure you get it!

      Sincere thanks, 🙂


  11. Reply


    October 27, 2020

    This is too much of a hassle looking for codes every day.

    • Reply


      October 27, 2020

      Hi Sally,

      Fortunately, I get about 5 times more thank you’s than I do complaints about the blog hop. Most people are very happy to get so many patterns for free, even if it means a little extra work on their part. A lot of people even enjoy the process! However, I am aware that blog hops are not for everyone. Some do in fact prefer not to jump from post to post each day. For those people, we (all the crochet designers involved) have graciously put together a bundle of all the patterns that you can purchase for a very low price. Additionally, we are also doing a giveaway with this particular event so there are multiple ways in which those who do not want to participate can still get the patterns.

      Best wishes,


  12. Reply

    Barbara Eubanks

    October 25, 2020

    Because of my schedule I can’t get any of the patterns I’d like. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a work over load because of the pandemic. I work 12 and 14 hours a day and drive 2 hours to work and then it takes me 3 to 4 hours to get home. And I have had a hard time getting the codes also.

    • Reply


      October 26, 2020

      Hi Barbara,

      I am so terribly sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone with the blog hop hours. In an attempt to do so we have already: 1. Provided the codes for 24 hours, with an additional 24 hours for those who do not catch it the first day. 2. Have put together a bundle for purchase for those who do not want or cannot do the blog hop. and 3. We are doing a giveaway at the end of the blog hop to provide an extra chance for you to win the entire collection for free.

      I so sincerely hope you’ve put your name into the giveaway – you can enter as many times as you like!

      Best wishes,


  13. Reply


    October 24, 2020

    Where is the download button to put the code in to get the pattern????

    • Reply


      October 24, 2020

      Hi Diana,

      If the pattern is still available during the blog hop, the coupon codes are listed directly above the pattern images.

      Best wishes,


  14. Reply

    Lori FitzgeraldLeger

    October 20, 2020

    I can’t seem to find the coupon code for the patterns, can you help me?

    • Reply


      October 21, 2020

      Hi Lori,

      You just need to scroll down to the pattern you are interested in. If the PDF is still available for free the coupon code will be directly above the pattern photo.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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