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Winter Waves Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Winter is such a fabulous time of year!

It’s a festive time for family gathering, loads of fun, and lots of laughter.

And it’s also the perfect time for some new free on the blog patterns like the Winter Waves crochet fingerless gloves I am sharing with you today!

Winter Waves Crochet Fingerless Gloves

This pattern actually came about as a special request by one of my pattern testers.

Last year I created the Winter Waves Cowl pattern and she loved it so much she asked me to design some fingerless gloves and a beanie to go with it.

So I did!

Hey, it took me a year, but at least I did it, right? 😂

Diagonal Basketweave Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Just like the cowl, the fingerless gloves and the beanie patterns are designed using the unique diagonal basketweave stitch.

Folks, this is a stitch that used to seriously intimidate me – that is until I practiced it, of course!

Yes, it does take a little bit of getting used to and you do need to coordinate two strands of yarn, but once you have the rhythm down, you’ll be able to whip these patterns up in no time!

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Yarn Details: It’s all about the yarn baby!

When I designed the cowl last year, I used what I had in my yarn stash, and it turned out beautifully!

However, this year I designed the fingerless gloves and beanie patterns specifically for the Winter Wonders blog hop, an event sponsored by We Crochet.

So I chose KnitPicks/We Crochet Wool of the Andes in colors that would match up nicely with the cowl pattern – Ocean and Lake Ice Heather.

It’s a 100% Peruvian Highland Wool in a medium 4 worsted weight and it worked perfectly!

KnitPick Wool of the Andes in colorways Ocean and Lake Ice Heather

You can use any medium 4 worsted weight yarn to do any if the patterns in the Winter Waves collection, but I do prefer the Wool of the Andes because it is high quality yarn, it’s wool so it’s warm, but it’s also not scratchy at all!

I was actually quite surprised by how soft it is!

It’s a great inexpensive yarn that comes in loads of colors – making it perfect for a variety of projects!

You can purchase it via my affiliate link below.

Winter Waves Crochet Pattern Collection

Winter Waves Crochet Fingerless Gloves and Beanie

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Winter Crochet Gloves


The Winter Waves Fingerless Gloves are a fun and stylish way to stay warm this season.  They are designed using the beautiful diagonal basketweave stitch and are super quick to whip up.  These gloves are sure to become a winter fashion favorite! 

Difficulty level:  Level 3 – Intermediate

Finished Dimensions:

*All dimensions provided are approximate.   Dimensions are based on yarn standards for crochet provided by The Craft Yarn Council

Small/child (ages 2 – 6 yrs) :  6-inch circumference or 3-inch wide, 5.5 inches tall (long)

Large child/woman’s medium (ages 6-8 thru adult):  6.5 – 7.5 inches circumference or 3.5 – 4 inches wide, 7 inches tall (long)

Large (women – men adult sizes): 8 – 9.5 inches circumference or 4 – 4.5 inches wide, 7 inches tall (long)


16 stitches and 20 rows = 4-inches in single crochet (sc)


  • KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, worsted #4 weight, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, 110 yards / 50 grams / ball.  Two colors:  Color A = Lake Ice Heather, Color B = Ocean

~ Total Yardage – Color A = approximately 110 yards / 101m  to 220 yds/ 201m ;  Color B = approximately 110 yards / 101m  to 220 yds/ 201m;  approximately 220 yards / 201m to 440 yards / 402m for both colors. 

  • Hook sizes:  H/8 – 5.00mm (body) and G/6 – 4.00mm (trim)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


Pattern is written in US terms.    *Click on abbreviation names for tutorials

Stitch/es (st/sts)

Chain stitch/es (ch/chs)

Slip – stitch (slp-st)

Single crochet (sc)

Double crochet (dc)

Treble crochet (TR)

Special Stitches: 

Diagonal Basket Weave – a two row repeat of groups of three treble crochets worked either in the front or the back of the previous group of three treble crochets.  See rows 2 & 3 in this pattern for details.

Additional Notes:

Read all pattern notes, instructions, and other provided details carefully before starting the project to make sure you understand everything.  It could save you hours & a lot of headaches!

  • Make a swatch that measures at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch provided under the Gauge Section.  If your swatch matches the gauge, then you are all set to start the project. If the gauge is wrong, you might need to change your crochet hook – increase your hook size if your stitches are smaller & decrease your hook size if your stitches are larger.
  • All measurements given are unblocked.
  • Provided measurements are as exact as possible, but are given as approximates. This is because yarn variances, crochet tension, & individual  technique might give variations in the result, which changes from person to person.
  • If you are left-handed, switch rows 2 & 3 when working this pattern.
  • The trim is worked in continuous rounds.  There will be NO joining at the end of each round, or turning and chaining.  
  • Per your preference, at the end of each row, you may carry or cut your yarn.
  • If you want your gloves to be mirrored, start one glove with color A and the second glove with color B before seaming.
  • Care Instructions:  hand wash, lay flat to dry or follow the care instructions on the yarn packaging.


With color A, chain a multiple of 6 + 4 to the appropriate length (long) for your size according to the Finished Dimensions section above.

Row 1:  Dc in the 3rd ch from the hook (does not count as a stitch), *skip 3 chs, work 1 Tr in each of the next 3 chs, from the FRONT – work 1 Tr in each of the 3 skipped chs* –  Repeat from * to * across – work 1 dc  in the last ch, ch 2, turn work. 

Row 2: Change to color B – work 1 dc in the top of the first st (same st as the ch 2), dc in each of the next 3 sts, *skip the next 3 sts, work 1 tr in each of the next 3 sts, from the BACK – work 1 Tr in each of the 3 skipped sts* – Repeat from * to * across to the last 4 sts – dc in each of the last 4 sts, ch 2, turn work. 

Row 3:  Change to color A – work 1 dc in the top of the first st (same st as the ch 2), *skip 3 sts, work 1 Tr in each of the next 3 sts, from the FRONT – work 1 Tr in each of the 3 skipped sts* –  Repeat from * to * across – work 1 dc  in the last st, ch 2, turn work. 

Repeat rows 2 and 3 to the width indicated for your size in the Finished Dimensions section above.

Bind off & Weave in ends


  • Position the glove pieces with the wrong side up and seam as indicated in the photo below, using color A or B, a tapestry needle, and the whip stitch or your preferred seaming method.

NOTE:  Be careful not to stitch the diagonal bars along with the top v of the stitch.

Folding the crochet fingerless gloves
  • Turn the gloves right side out.


  • Attach yarn to the seam on each side of the glove (what will become the top and bottom). Using color A and the G/6 – 4.00mm hook, sc continuously around each edge two times, slp-stitch to close.

Bind off & Weave in ends

I’d love to see your Winter Waves Fingerless Gloves!

Please be sure to share your makes with me on social media with #itchinforsomestitchin and #winterwavescrochet.

Thank you for coming to my blog! By sharing my content and/or making a purchase you are making it possible for me to continue producing and sharing free content for everyone to enjoy. I sincerely appreciate your support!

Until next time…  Happy Crocheting!

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