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How to Crochet a Heart

Crochet Heart Applique

Learn how to crochet an easy basic heart with this simple pattern. A great project for crochet beginners!

Hi there folks!

Today I am going to show you how I crochet those sweet, but powerful little emblems of love…  Valentine’s hearts.  Easy crochet hearts.  And I do mean easy.

I wanted to bring you something simple.  Something that even beginners can whip up in a jiffy if you’re like me and are running late getting that present done for your special someone.

Ah… hearts.  The symbol of love and affection.  We draw them, paint them, color them and use them to decorate and adorn. Especially on Valentine’s Day.  The day we devote, each year, to the ones we love.

Do you realize, folks,  that it’s just around the corner?  Are you ready?  I know I’m not.

I honestly try to be that girl who’s one’s step ahead of the game.  That girl who has all the presents wrapped three weeks before Christmas and knows what to she’s going to buy for birthdays six months in advance. That girl who’s already finished her husband’s Valentine’s gift instead of just planning it four weeks before the big day arrives.

But, alas… sometimes we must face facts folks.  That girl is just not me.  No, I am the rush around, wrap the present the night before (or the day of) girl.  The oops I forgot wrapping paper so your birthday gift is covered in newspaper girl.

So, I am honestly pretty happy that I am getting this post out to you nearly a month before Valentine’s Day!

Heart Crochet Pattern

Free crochet heart pattern

Prefer a PDF?

This Crochet Heart Pattern is available as a high quality, ad-free PDF.

Find it in the following places:

Pattern Bundle Collage

Crochet Heart Appliqué Instructions

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Skills Needed:

~Click on the links if you need a review of each technique.
chain stitch (ch)
slip stitch (slp st)
double crochet (dc)
treble crochet (tr)
magic circle


Crochet Heart Diagram:

Crochet Heart Diagram by
Crochet Heart Diagram


Center of the Heart

Work 11 double crochet (dc) stitches using the magic circle.  

~ When finished making the magic circle, you should have 11 double crochets plus one chain 3.

NOTE: Click on ling above (Abbreviations section) for a tutorial on the magic circle.


 Outside of the Heart

  1. Chain (ch) 4.  This counts as 1 treble crochet (tc).
  2. Work 5 treble crochets (tr) in the next stitch.
  3. Make 1 treble crochet (tr) in the next stitch.
  4. Make 2 treble crochets (tr) in the next stitch.
  5. Crochet 2 double crochets (dc) in the next stitch.
  6. Make 2 double crochets (dc) in the next stitch.
  7. In the next stitch, make 1 double crochet (dc), 2 treble crochets (tr), and 1 double crochet (dc).  This makes the bottom point of the heart.
  8. Work 2 double crochets (dc) in the next stitch.
  9. Make 2 double crochets (dc) in the next stitch.
  10. Crochet 2 treble crochets (tr) in the next stitch.
  11. Make 1 treble crochet (tr) in the next stitch.
  12. In the next stitch, make 6 treble crochets (tr).
  13. Slip stitch (slp st) in the next stitch.  You will be slip stitching into an empty double crochet (dc) stitch to the right of the chain 3 made when you did the magic circle.

–There will be a slight gap at the top between the two arches of the heart where you worked the slip stitch (slp st).



At this point, the heart should have two yarn tails.  One from the center of the heart made by the magic circle and one at the top of the heart where the last slip stitch was made.

Top of the Heart

  1. Thread the tail at the top into a tapestry needle.  Gently sew together the base of the two arches of the heart where you worked the slip stitch (slp st).  This will close the gap at the top.
  2. Weave in the remaining tail.
  3. Trim excess tail.

~ Learn the best way to weave in crochet ends.

Sewing Crochet Heart Arches

Center of the Heart

–There will be a hole in the center of your heart from the magic ring.  You can either leave it or close it up.  If you choose to leave it, then simply weave in the tail.

If you want to close up the hole follow these steps:

  1. Gently, but firmly tug on the yarn tail.  You should see and feel the hole closing up.
  2. Weave in the remaining tail.
  3. Trim excess tail.
Cinching hole in crocheted heart by

Crafty Ideas for Crochet Hearts

I’ve made tons of these lovely hearts!

You can use them in so many Valentine’s ideas, like as an appliqué on a pillow, blanket or article of clothing.

Instead of tissue paper, you could use them to fill space in the box or bag containing your sweetheart’s gift.

You can even string them up and make a bunting or garland.

I think I am going to attach sweet little messages to each one and leave them around my house for my husband to find.

Or, maybe I’ll use them to make a special Valentine’s treasure hunt.

The possibilities are endless!

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