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Craft for a Cause: The Prayer Shawl Ministry

Use Your Gift to Create a Gift for Those in Need

The Prayer Shawl Ministry

Craft for a Cause.

Hi there folks, today I want to talk about something a little different.  This will not be a “how to” post.  It won’t be a roundup, a review, or a “what to do if” post either.  Yet, this post carries more weight than the other types.  It has more meaning.

Today I want to talk about crafting for a cause.  I’ve always had a desire to serve others, especially those in my local community.  Even as a young girl I had a drive to do whatever I could for those in need.  Usually this was in the form of volunteering.  Whether it was serving meals at a shelter during the holidays, tutoring people who were trying to get their GED, or simply spending time with the seniors at one of the assisted living facilities in my neighborhood, volunteering gave me purpose, gave me fulfillment, and gave me humility.   I hope it gave those I served at least a small bit of comfort, joy, or empowerment.

Years later I learned that traditional volunteering isn’t the only way to help or serve your local and/or global community.  There are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to use your imagination and talent to serve others. “Crafting for a Cause” is an amazing way to show how much you care.  Reaching out to those in need is so important to me that I have decided to start a series in which I highlight a particular craft for a cause and share with you the information you need to get involved.

Today’s craft for a cause takes me back to the start of my fiber arts journey.  If you read my About page then you know that I began my adventures by making prayer shawls in a church knitting group.  This was my first exposure to crafting for a cause.

For me knitting prayer shawls was an intensely personal way to serve others. I wasn’t just giving my time and effort. I was giving my heart, my creativity, and my spirit.   I wove heartfelt blessings into every stitch.  I made each shawl special by choosing particular patterns and/or specific colors to wrap the wearer in prayers tailored to their unique suffering(s) or need(s). I wanted each shawl to feel like an embrace of love, grace, and hope.

Originally I thought that prayer shawls were particular to my church.  I realized later that The Prayer Shawl Ministry is actually a global movement and my humble church group was just one of many knitting groups that use their artistry and skill to give a gift of prayers, comfort, and blessings to those in need.

If you would like to join or learn more about The Prayer Shawl Ministry my earlier posts will give you information and guide you as you begin your first shawl.  Simply click on the following links.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry Cont…

Even though it was a knitting group that introduced me to prayer shawls, not all prayer shawls are knitted.  In fact many are crocheted and I have even seen a few that are quilted.  Here’s just one prayer shawl I crocheted for a church member who was fighting breast cancer.

As I continue this crafting for a cause series I hope you will find one or more causes that speak to you.  May these causes inspire you to pick up your knitting needles or crochet hook, to dust off your sewing machine, or break out the craft supplies, and create something beautiful for someone who may need a special gift to uplift their lives.

Until next time…  Happy Crafting!

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