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5 Reasons to Love Nelsonwood Crochet Hooks!

 Hi everyone!  Today I want to share with you my review of the Nelsonwood crochet hooks and the five awesome reasons I love them!

They are available through my Etsy affiliate link HERE.  See my full Disclosure Policy for details.


Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Review by

*This post may have affiliate links. See my full Disclosure Policy for details.


So first let me apologize to you.  I often tell you in my patterns and tutorials that I use these wonderful hooks to create my projects.

And yet, I just realized that I have never actually told you why I love these hooks so much.

Well, today I am going to remedy that!

Please note that I do not work for Nelsonwood, the manufacturer of the Nelsonwood crochet hooks nor am I being compensated for this article.  I am simply a user of this crochet hook and would like to give my honest opinion of the product.
However, some of the links on this website are Etsy affiliate links.  This means that if you choose to purchase hooks via the links on my website I will receive a small compensation.  Please read my full Disclosure Policy for more details.

Product Review Summary

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Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Review by


First, a little background about Nelsonwood crochet hooks.

Nelsonwood crochet hooks are wooden crochet hooks handmade by Bryan Nelson, a self-taught woodworker, and wood turner.  Mr. Nelson’s passion for woodworking began in 1998 when he was given 45 solid oak church pews to work with.

Today, he has sold over 5,000 bowls and has created a crochet hook enterprise.

Wood is the most perfect of gods creations. A living treasure of hidden beauty that remains hidden till it’s death. I am humbled to be able to reveal to all some of this hidden beauty. To help the trees live again, to be resurrected and shine again.   ~ Bryan Nelson

Product Overview:

Nelsonwood crochet hooks are created, of course, to crochet with.  They can be created in over 160 types of wood, both exotic and domestic.

Nelsonwood creates five types of crochet hooks.

Please see Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Information for extended descriptions.

  1.  Solid body – all one type of wood.
  2. Combination wood – created from 2-3 types of wood combined together.
  3. Combination angle cut wood – same as combination wood, but the base wood is cut at a 45-degree angle creating a different look.
  4. Metal-tipped – hooks with a wooden shaft and handle, but a metal tip.
  5. Burl wood – hooks made from a burl.

NOTE:  A burl, also called a bur or burr,  is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. It is often found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch, which is filled with small knots from dormant buds.  They create uniquely patterned wood that is highly prized for its beauty.


  • Ergonomic
  • light-weight
  • easy to use
  • hook size can be marked
  • multiple hook sizes available
  • beautiful


  • the price point is higher than your run of the mill crochet hooks

That being said, Nelsonwood crochet hooks are not your run of the mill crochet hooks and I fully believe that they are totally worth every penny!

Don’t believe me?  Read these customer reviews!

[list style=”style6″][li]You can purchase Nelsonwood crochet hooks via my affiliate link HERE.[/li][/list]

Possible alternatives:

  • Furls Crochet Hooks

NOTE:  The price point of Furls Crochet Hooks & Nelsonwood Crochet Hooks are very similar.

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Why I love Nelsonwood Crochet Hooks!

Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Review by

Okay, now let me get into the nitty gritty of why I love Nelsonwood crochet hooks so much, and why you should too!


They are ergonomic.  Now, if you are new to crochet, you may not understand why this is important.  However, if you have been crocheting for many years or you suffer from arthritis or limited hand strength, I know you understand exactly where I am coming from.

So, just a bit about what makes Nelsonwood crochet hooks ergonomic.

Most of your run of the mill crochet hooks are thin from hook to grip.  On the other hand, ergonomic hooks, like Nelsonwood crochet hooks, have a thicker grip.

This thick grip is designed to alleviate the pain, cramping, and hand fatigue associated with crocheting.  This, in turn, allows you to crochet longer and in greater comfort than with ordinary hooks.

Now, just a personal tidbit.  When I was 20 years old I had a stroke.  I’m not lying.  This really happened.  It left me weaker on the right side of my body compared to the left.  Unfortunately, I am right handed.  Which means that I crochet and craft with my weak hand.

Nelsonwood crochet hooks absolutely help me to crochet longer with less fatigue, pain, and cramping versus the thinner crochet hooks.

Honestly, I don’t know the medical reason why this thick grip helps, but I can tell you from personal experience that it does and there is much anecdotal evidence from many others that support this as well.



They are light-weight.  This may be hard to believe because the hooks are made from wood.  Wood can be hard and heavy.

Thus, you may think these hooks are as well.  But they are surprisingly not heavy at all!

I was actually shocked at how light-weight my hook was the first time I held it.

The thinner metal hooks seem smaller and therefore, lighter – but they are not.  They are actually heavier than Nelsonwood crochet hooks!

And since my dominant hand is also my weak hand, this factor is extremely important to me.   And, it should be important to you as well, regardless of whether you have limited hand strength or not.

This is because, over time, the more you crochet, your hand will eventually wear out.

A light-weight hook means you can crochet for longer periods of time!



Nelsonwood crochet hooks are hands down some of the most beautiful hooks I have ever seen!

Now, beauty isn’t something that’s truly necessary for a hook’s utility, but man, these hooks have it all – beauty and utility!

If you are a crochet designer, like me, and/or run your own website, a beautiful crochet hook is more desirable than you may think.  A picture is worth a thousand words folks, and the pictures with my Nelsonwood crochet hook really stand out in part because the hook is so lovely.

Just check out these posts, where my Nelsonwood crochet hook is a prominent feature of the photos:

Patterns I love by

  1.  How to Crochet a Granny Heart Square / 2.  How to Crochet a Granny Square / 3.  How to Crochet a Heart



When I first saw Nelsonwood crochet hooks, I immediately thought – wow, those are gorgeous!

But, I almost didn’t buy one.

Let me explain.  As a crocheter, I have a TON of hooks, but I can’t tell you which hook is which simply by looking at it.  I can’t tell the difference between a 5.00mm hook and a 6.00mm by eye.

All my hooks must be labeled or I have no idea what size it is.

I didn’t think there was a way to nicely label a luxury crochet hook like Nelsonwood.  So, I nearly walked away.

Then I read the website a little further.

At the time of your order, you can request that the hook size is engraved on the hook – free of charge!

This was the deciding factor for me folks.  I was getting everything I wanted in this crochet hook!

And, as you can see in the photo below, the engraving is both beautiful and inconspicuous.  Perfect!


Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Review by



One of my favorite things about Nelsonwood crochet hooks is that there are so many beautiful hooks to choose from.  Like I said, beauty isn’t necessary for utility.

However, I think there is just that something extra special about crocheting with a lovely hook versus a purely utilitarian one.

Simply stated, it improves my mood and can often put a smile on my face.

Some people even collect specialty hooks.  If you’re one of them, you simply must add Nelsonwood crochet hooks to your collection!

Take a look at some of the possibilities:

Nelsonwood crochet hook review by

This is just a sampling.  For more please see the Nelsonwood website or Etsy shop.


How Well Does a Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Work?

I own a gorgeous J/6.00mm Desert Ironwood Nelsonwood crochet hook.  It’s a solid body hook and I can tell you from hours and hours of use that these hooks work extremely well!

The yarn slides smoothly along the hook shaft and the hook grabs the yarn with no issues.  It works just as well as any other hook I have ever used…  but a bit better because it helps with the pain, cramping, and fatigue that usually occurs in my crocheting hand quite quickly.

Plus, Nelsonwood crochet hooks are soft and warm.  Really, they are.  These hooks are so smooth it makes them super soft and the warmth of the wood feels amazing when you are used to holding those cold metal ones!

Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Review by

There’s no doubt that Nelsonwood crochet hooks are a luxury item.  They are gorgeous and cost more than a few bucks compared to the hooks at the local craft store.

But, if you suffer from hand issues as I do, or you simply crochet so much that you end up in pain, they are a luxury worth paying for.

If you take a look at Nelsonwood’s website you will see that their motto is…

Crochet Hooks that love your hands

And while I fully believe that, I would also say that they are crochet hooks that your hands love.

My hands can attest to that.  🙂


Which Nelsonwood Crochet Hook Do You Love the Most?


Until next time, Happy Crocheting!

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