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Sewing Resources

This page is a work in progress.    I will be adding more resources as time goes on.  Thank you for your understanding.  🙂


Basic Sewing Information & Tips

The Anatomy of a Sewing Machine:  Parts & Their Functions

Understanding The 5 Basic Sewing Machine Stitches

What Are All Those Presser Feet For Anyway?

Why Sewing Machine Thread Bunches Up & How to Fix It!

How to Stop Fabric Ends From Fraying

How to Get Fray-check Out of Fabric

The Difference Between Woven & Knit Fabrics


Basic Sewing Tutorials

How to Hem a Bridesmaid Dress

How to Make Continuous Bias Binding From One Square of Fabric


Easy Beginner Sewing Projects

How to Sew Scented Sachets

How to Make a Taggie Toy for Babies

How to Sew a Plush Baby Rattle

How to Sew a Large Floor Pillow


My Favorite Sewing Tools

Fiskars Easy Action Scissors


Other Sewing Resources

Craftsy – classes, patterns, & supplies

Sewing Basics ebook – what you need to know before you begin