Fabric and Crochet Easter Bib Tutorial

Mar, 22, 2016

How to Sew a Bib with a

Crochet Appliqué for Easter


Crochet & Fabric Easter Bib https://www.itchinforsomestitchin.com


Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I remember helping my mom boil eggs and make up different bowls of dye so my brother and I could color them.  We always argued over who created the prettiest eggs!   Then the night before the Easter bunny was due to arrive I would be so excited I could barely sleep.    What goodies would I get?  What would my Easter basket look like?  How many eggs would I find at the egg hunt?  Eventually I would drift off to sleep dreaming of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Now as a new mommy I can’t wait to enjoy the holiday with my little one.  I am excited to color eggs with him, pick out his Easter basket, and fill it with special treats just for him.  Oh… and the egg hunts will be so much fun!

Unfortunately, that will all have to wait until next year because this Easter my little guy will only be four months old.  I mean honestly, he doesn’t even have teeth to rot out with candy yet! ?

Instead, I decided to make his first Easter gift.  I chose to sew him a bib because well… he’s a baby and he drools a lot.  Lol.  I thought it would be a perfect chance to do my first fabric/crochet hybrid project or what I like to call a “creative combo”.   I settled on using fabric to make his bib and then adorning it with a crocheted baby chick or duck.  Here’s how I put it all together:

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Crochet Materials:

Yarn: medium 4 worsted weight, yellow & orange.

Equipment:   Hook H8 (5.00mm), tapestry needle.

Abbreviations:  Chain (ch),  Single Crochet (sc),  Half-double crochet (hdc), Double Crochet (dc), Triple or Treble Crochet (tr), Slip stitch (slp st)

Chick or Duck appliqué:


  1. Make a magic ring with yellow yarn.  ch 1, 10 sc into ring, slp st into first sc (10 stitches)
  2. 2 Sc in the next stitch
  3. 3 hdc in the next stitch
  4. Hdc and 2 dc in the next stitch
  5. 2 tr in the next stitch
  6. Ch 5, insert hook through 1st ch you made and sl st. Sl st 5 going down the 2nd tr stitch you made. Slp st into the same st on the chick/duck where you made the first ch of the tr.
  7. 2 Sc in the next stitch
  8. 2 hdc in the next stitch
  9. 2 dc in the next stitch
  10. 2 hdc and sc in the next stitch
  11. Fasten off & Weave in ends.


  1.  Slp stitch orange yarn to head of the chick/duck in the next st after the last yellow sc you made.
  2. Ch 4, insert hook through 1st ch you made and sl st. Sl st 4 going down that tall last st you made. Slp st into the next st on the chick/duck.
  3. Fasten off & weave in ends.


  1.  Tie a knot at the end of a black piece of yarn.
  2. Slip it into the head of the chick/duck.
  3. Weave in loose end.


  1.  Slp stitch orange yarn to the bottom of chick/duck.
  2. Ch 4, insert hook through 1st ch you made and sl st. Sl st 4 going down that tall last st you made. Slp st into the same st on the chick/duck where you made the original slp st to attach the yarn.
  3.  Repeat #2 two more times.
  4. Fasten off & weave in ends.

Bib Materials:

A minimum of 28 X 20 inches soft cotton fabric

62 inches single-fold bias tape

1  button

coordinating thread

fabric glue

fabric scissors

straight pins

sewing machine

Fabric bib:

Step 1.  Create a bib pattern.  I did this by tracing one of my son’s bibs onto poster board.  Then I traced the bib onto tissue paper.


Bib design. https://www.itchinforsomestitchin.com


Step 2.  Wash,  dry, & iron fabrics.  Fabrics often shrink a bit after washing.  If you do not pre-wash your fabrics then your project may shrink and/or change shape the first time you wash it.

Step 3.  Fold fabric in half with “right” sides together.  The “right” side is the side you want on the outside of your finished project.

Step 4.  Pin pattern to fabric using straight pins.

Step 5.  Cut around pattern using fabric scissors.  I use Fiskars Softouch Spring Action scissors because they reduce hand strain.  These scissors are great for anyone with limited hand mobility, which can sometimes be a problem for me.

Step 6.  Pin the two cut out bib pieces together with “right” sides together.

Step 7.  Sew the two bib pieces together.  You do not necessarily have to use coordinating thread as it will be ultimately be covered by bias tape.  I used a straight stitch and left a 1/4-inch seam allowance.  Be sure that the “right” sides are together and leave about a hand length of the bib unsewn.

Step 8.  Pull the bib right side out through the gap of fabric you left unsewn.

Step 9.  Sew the gap closed.  I used a blind stitch by hand, but this can also be done on a sewing machine.  If you wanted, you could simply straight stitch to close it as this part of the bib will later be covered by bias tape.

Step 10.  Sew a button-hole on one arm of the bib using coordinating thread.  I used a sewing machine, but this can also be done by hand.

Step 11.  Pin the bias tape to the edge of the bib.  Bias tape, or bias binding, is a narrow strip of fabric cut on the bias, which is a 45 degree angle to its major seam lines.  This makes it more stretchable, fluid, and drape able compared to fabric cut on the grain.

Amazon has a nice choice of bias tape.  Here is a direct link to some orange bias tape at Amazon.  Generally, bias tape costs anywhere from about $2 to $8.

You can also make your own bias tape, which is what I did.  Don’t know how?  Never fear!  Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on exactly that!

Step 12.  Sew the bias tape onto the bib using coordinating thread.  I used a straight stitch and left a 1/8-inch seam allowance.  Be sure to leave some extra tape at the tip of each arm.  Fold and sew down this extra tape.  Trim any excess.

Step 13.  Sew on the button using coordinating thread.  I did this by hand, but you can also use a sewing machine.

Step 14.  Attach crochet appliqué to bib using fabric glue.  I use Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive.


Fabric & Crochet Easter Bib. https://www.itchinforsomestitchin.com

Both the bib and the crochet chick/duck appliqué are original patterns designed by me.  Any similarity to other patterns is completely unintentional and coincidental.  You may sell items made using this pattern as long as you give me credit for the pattern.  Please to do sell this pattern or claim it to be your own.  Thank you.


Here is the final product!

Fabric Bib with Crochet Appliqué. https://www.itchinforsomestitchin.com


Well, what do you think?  It’s super cute, isn’t it?  I had an absolute blast making it and have more “creative combo” ideas spinning through my mind.  I can’t wait to share them with you so keep your eye out for the next one!

Do you have any fabric/crochet projects you like to do?  Please share!

Until next time,  Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!


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How to Sew a Bib with a Crochet Appliqué for Easter. http://www.itcihinforsomestitchin.com


I'm a full time homemaker who loves to crochet, knit, quilt, and sew. I have the best fiancé in the world, four beautiful step-daughters-to-be, an amazing new little baby boy, and six wonderful dogs, who love to keep me on my toes. Life is sweet!


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    March 27, 2016

    That is so cute, I don’t know if I like the bid or that gorgeous little baby. Thanks for bringing that joyful smile to the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

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      March 28, 2016

      Awe… so nice of you to say! He is the joy of my life & I love making him cute little things to wear. ?

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