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Craft for a Cause:  Cardiac Stitches

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Crochet & Knit

for Children

with Heart Conditions

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Individual images courtesy of Cardiac Stitches.


Hi folks.  I’d like you to meet Madyson Manalang.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Madyson was born with a heart condition called Tricuspid Atresia.   It is a form of congenital heart disease in which the tricuspid valve is completely missing.  This means that her heart has trouble supplying oxygen to her other organs.  And she is only three months old.

Madison Manalang, the inspiration for Cardiac Stitches.

Madyson Manalang, aka “Forever Strong”.  Image courtesy of Alison Manalang.


After only one month of life, Madyson was rushed to the hospital for emergency heart surgery.  After two weeks she is finally home.  She needs a feeding tube, medicine,  and will soon have a tube, called a catheter, placed in her heart  to help decide the next step in her treatment plan.   She may also need several more heart surgeries within the next three years.

Of course, she requires special care, for which her parents, Jayson and Alison, received training while Madyson was recovering from surgery.  It was also during this time that Madyson received a crochet blanket from a family friend.  The Manalang family and all of Madyson’s nurses absolutely loved it!

The stitches on the blanket reminded Madyson’s mother of the stitches her daughter had from surgery.  Alison realized that there was a great need among cardiac patients for hand stitched items like her daughter’s blanket.  These items are a great comfort and ease the hospitalization and surgery recovery process. This inspired her to found the non-profit organization, Cardiac Stitches.

Cardiac Stitches collects crocheted & knitted items for hospitalized children with heart conditions.  These handmade items can be any size, style, or theme.  Suggestions include:  blankets, hats, socks, and stuffed animals.

If you would like to give this cause, please send your hand stitched items to: Cardiac Stitches, P.O. Box  465, Rincon, GA 31326

Alison has also started three Facebook groups.  One for Cardiac Stitches, one is a page where you can buy t-shirts to  Support Madyson, and one is a support group.  If you or your child has Tricuspid Atresia and would like to share experiences and make friendships with others on a similar journey, please join the Tricuspid Atresia Savannah/Atlanta Support Group.  You don’t need to be in Savannah/Atlanta to join.

When I first found out about Cardiac Stitches, I thought it was great cause and not one I had heard of before.  Then I learned about Madyson.

I was devastated.  Devastated for her.  Devastated for her family.

I can only imagine her suffering.  I can only imagine her family’s fear.  I can only imagine their emotional and financial struggles.  I can only imagine these things because my seven month old son was born perfectly healthy.

And you can bet that after learning Madyson’s story,  I held him a little tighter, kissed him a little more, and played with him a little longer.

Then I picked up my crochet hook…

Now, I realize that not everyone is a crafter.  I also realize that not every crafter has a schedule that allows them to create when they want.  If you happen to fall into either of these two categories, but would still like to lend a charitable hand to a family in need, I urge you to visit Madyson’s Plum Fund page.

This is a site where you can give to the Manalang family’s hardship fund.  The fund was started by Madyson’s grandmother, who has nicknamed her “Kia Kaha”.  It means Forever Strong.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

Heck, even if you are a crafter and plan to donate to Cardiac Stitches, still visit Madyson’s Plum Fund page.  If for no other reason than to learn more about Madyson and her family.

Let their story be a window into the world of those who have children who suffer from heart conditions.  Let it give you some insight into their need.  Let it encourage you to craft for their cause.

Many blessings to Madyson, the Manalang family, and all those suffering from congenital heart disease.

Please share this post and help bring more awareness to Cardiac Stitches and to the Manalang family’s hardship fund.

Until next time….  Happy Crafting!

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Friday 14th of April 2017

As the aunt of another heart warrior, they can use leg warmers too!


Friday 14th of April 2017

Hi Jean,

Thanks for letting me know! Madyson's mom, the founder of Cardiac Stitches, didn't mention it. Is there another charity that requests these? I'd love to pass it on!