I know you’re here to find out about me, but first, let’s talk about you…

 Are you a crochet, sewing, or knitting beginner?

Then it’s essential that you learn the basics of these delightful hobbies!


If you’ve ever asked yourself:

Crochet, Sewing, Knitting for beginners by www.itchinforsomestitchin.com

…then you are in the right place!


Here’s what you gain when you learn the basics of crochet, knitting, and/or sewing.


Foundational Skills

Just like babies have to crawl before they walk.  You have to learn the basic stitching skills before you can move onto the more advanced ones. If you try to skip a level, you’ll end up confused and frustrated and might give up.  Think of all the beautiful projects you’ll be missing out on!



With each new stitch learned, new techniques mastered, and projects successfully completed your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds. And confidence is essential to moving onto more complicated stitches, tricky techniques, and complex patterns.

Solid foundational skills and confidence are the two ingredients necessary for successfully tackling those advanced projects that, right now, you can only dream about.



                                   I’m RaeLynn.

Me & My Wonderful Family!

I am a stay at home mom with an incredible husband, 4 beautiful step-daughters, and an amazing little boy.

I am also a work at home mom. I teach stitching newbies how to crochet, knit, and sew.  But that’s not all, I’m also the owner and operator of Itchin’ for some Stitchin’s shop,  where I sell videos, guides, and patterns geared toward beginners.

About 9 years ago I joined the Prayer Shawl Ministry at my church, where I learned how to knit and crochet.  Since then you won’t find me without a bag of yarn and hook or needles in hand!  A year later my husband bought me the king of all sewing machines, a Husqvarna Designer Diamond Royale, and my love of sewing was born.

I am a self-educated stitcher.   I do occasionally get tips from my grandmother, who knits & crochets, or advice from my mom, who is an avid seamstress.  But for the most part, I have taught myself each needle craft through books and hunting the great & powerful internet.  I have found TONS of resources all over the place, but few resources all in one place that would help me grow from a stitching starter to an experienced stitcher.  So I decided to do it myself.

That’s how this blog got started, folks.  I decided to put everything I know, have learned, and will learn about crochet, knitting, and sewing in this blog so it will be the #1 ultimate guide for learning these fabulous crafts.


 This blog is designed to take you from a stitching newbie to a stitching expert!

Not an expert in the sense that you are the end-all, be-all, or know-it-all of stitching.  But an expert in the sense that you have the skills and confidence to become known for your mastery of the craft and your beautiful stitch work.  I can be a stitching expert.  So can you!

What are you waiting for?

Join me on this adventure and let’s become experts together. 🙂

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